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    Thursday, October 2nd, 2014
    11:50 am
    Still here
    Well, occasionally. I do think about LV and then I think about sewing and crocheting. Then I go off and sew or crochet.

    I've gotten into doing crocheting for charity I make caps for the homeless, prayer shawls, and afghans for babes being baptized in my parish. I get to do what I enjoy and I don't have piles of stuff that I don't know what to do with.

    I also occasionally attend a quilting group what makes quilts for returning veterans, especially ones who are wounded.
    Thursday, August 4th, 2011
    2:43 pm
    Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I got a job offer!!!! It's a 10 hour a month position at Sandy Spring Museum as the Museum Shop Manager!! I heard about the opening yesterday, called, got an interview today, and they offered me the job during the interview. Woo hoo!!!!!

    I plan to take it. I'll return the signed contract next week. The Executive Director also liked my work, so I consigned the quilts and puzzle pins I brought to show to the gift shop. Wow!!

    I start in September!!

    Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
    6:52 pm
    The Visitors Arrive Tonight
    In the U.S. - 8 PM EST on ABC, "V". This is an update of the 1983 series and, so far, the reviews have been good.

    Current Mood: Interested
    Tuesday, October 27th, 2009
    5:00 pm
    What are YOU reading?
    One of the Yahoo! groups I'm in just had a round of Current Reading. So, what are you reading - audio books count!

    As to books, I'm reading Hot Mama by Jennifer Estep, part of her Bigtime series. In the world of superheroes, none is as fiery as Fiera who is super strong and can manipulate fire with her bare hands. She spends her nights fighting urbervillians and days as a couture designer. But will she also find love. It's sort of fantasy chick lit.

    There is also The Way Of The Traitor by Laura Joh Rowland, a mystery set in Medieval Japan.

    In audio books, I'm listening to Brimstone by Robert B. Parker, the third in his Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch western series. Loved the movie they mad of the first book.

    I'm also listening to Fortune's Favourites by Colleen McCullough, the third book in her Master of Rome series. There are 30 cassettes in the set, so that will take more than a month to get through it.

    Lastly, I'm listening to In Big Trouble by Laura Lippman, the fourth in the Tess Monaghan series. Usually set in Baltimore, Tess goes to Texas to find her former lover who sent her a strange message

    Yes, I do multitask.

    Current Mood: contemplative
    Tuesday, July 21st, 2009
    1:42 pm
    All the Cool Kids Are Doing It
    As I may as well too - such a sheep!

    I will be on several panels at Worldcon:

    When: Fri 12:30 Location: P-524A
    Title: Why I Fan: 10 Minute Talks
    Session ID: 974
    Description: What keeps fans in our fandom? Fans each in 10 minutes explain the importance of fandom in their lives. Most members of fandom spend a few years in fandom, then they move on. But fandom remains shiny for some fans. Five fans, five different reasons?
    Duration: 1:30 hrs:min
    Track: Fan

    When: Sun 14:00 Location: P-524B
    Title: Eh?: The Revival of Audio SF
    Session ID: 332
    Description: One of this year's Hugo nominees for dramatic presentation is a nine hour audiobook. Are fans ready for an audio SF revival? Should these be acted out or simply dramatic readings? Is audio SF ready for the 21st century?
    Duration: 1:30 hrs:min
    Track: Media

    When: Sun 15:30 Location: P-524A
    Title: Encouraging Readers and Fans
    Session ID: 979
    Description: We found SF and fandom. What can we do to introduce SF and fandom to others? Do new readers need fandom? Is fandom still relevant? Do we need a Fandom 2.0?
    Duration: 1:30 hrs:min
    Track: Fan

    I'm thinking that "Why I Fan: 10 Minute Talks" and "Encouraging Readers and Fans" are pretty similar. I like the idea of 10 minute talks. I wonder if there are other panels that have 10 minute talks and if people will be writing an essay of their thoughts. I am currently doing so.

    Any one interested in a question? Here goes - if you had to give a 10 minute talk at WorldCon, what would it be on and would you write it down first?

    Current Mood: hopeful
    Monday, June 29th, 2009
    4:02 pm
    End of June
    So I got home yesterday from a wrap up meeting for the Quilt guild show in April and the plumber's truck is in the driveway. I pull up next to it and the plumber is in the truck, asleep. Be honest - how often as this happened to you?

    Anyway, he's early. He said he would be at the house between 6 and 7 and it wasn't 6 yet. Oh, well. I tapped on the door and woke him up.

    He came in and looked at the pipes under the sink. He looked at the garbage disposal that I want moved from the big sink to the small sink. He said he couldn't do it because the electrical line has been cut too short. Sigh. He said an electrician will have to come in and lengthen the line before he can move it. He will call the general contractor and let him know.

    So he changes pipes and voila! The sinks no longer slow down with backed up water. See ya!

    So the sink works better, but the Insinkerator is still not in the side I want it. If only the guy had listened to me rather than spinning the "because of gravity, it has to be in the large sink" story.

    The kitchen is completed, except for the problems with the sink. The rest of the work is done except for the touching up that needs to be done to the paint at the top of the stairs.

    I wonder if the general contractor still wants to use us as reference. I'd have to tell the truth, of course. They get the job done right, eventually. Not exactly glowing praise, but not damning with faint praise either.

    Well, I guess we'll just have to see if anyone wants references.

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    Friday, June 26th, 2009
    1:30 pm
    We've been moved back into the kitchen for a week or so. We're still eating out due to all the accumulated coupons. And we really like Ruby Tuesday.

    The kitchen has two issues. The major issue is the plumbing. It was done by a handyman and not a plumber. We complained to the contractor as the sinks backed up when the water is run just a little bit. We had a local plumbing company come into inspect it and the guy was not happy. He said it was not to code and should be ripped out.

    The contractor sent over his plumber and the guy also pronounced it "no good". He's coming back on Sunday to redo the plumbing. The reason the sinks are slow is that a 2" pipe needed to be used not 1 1/2". It does make a differences. I also want the plumber to put the disposal in the smaller sink; the guy who put it in said it wouldn't work in the smaller sink due to gravity. Really.

    The second issue, well not really an issue, is buying a fifth pull-out shelve for the pantry. That should be delivered here in a week.

    Still trying to find places for everything and getting used to where the dishes and pots and pans are.

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    Sunday, June 14th, 2009
    2:51 pm
    Happy birthday, ase! Sorry to be late.
    Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
    11:45 am
    The Adventure Continues
    The hard wood floor is down, except for the molding, which will be among the last things. The carpet came off the stairs and it was amazing how sandy the stairs underneath were. It was pretty dusty in here for a while. I'm not happy about the clunk, clunk, clunk of a hard wood floor, but most people are ecstatic about them, noise and all. And the floor seems very slippery as well. I've nearly taken a header twice trying to maneuver around the equipment that's been left here.

    All the cabinets have been installed and are just waiting for the hardware and the counter tops to be measured and ordered. The powder room needs the floor filled in so the tile can be installed. Doors need to be shortened and reinstalled.

    I'm so tired of having people in to work each day. I'll be so glad when this in finished. I'm glad we put plastic over the furniture we did as the dust on the uncovered stuff is noticeable. The downstairs is going to need a major cleaning. At least the weather has been cool enough to not need the AC or heat so the system should have not a lot of dirt in it.

    I'm getting worn down eating out for dinner and only snacking for other meals.

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    Wednesday, May 13th, 2009
    12:50 pm
    To the Sound of the Saw
    After the painting, comes the hard wood floor. So there is now a big saw sitting in the middle of the kitchen and the smell of freshly cut wood in the house. Thank goodness it's cool as doors and windows are open all over the house.

    After reading the comments on door bell verses door knocker - we decided on both. Now we just have to find ones we want. We could really use a wireless door bell since the workmen who arrive everyday have to knock on the door and it's not very loud. But, until they finish the hallway, we can't put one up.

    We're now limited to upstairs bathrooms as the powder room on the first floor has been dismantled for wall repairs. It makes bathroom breaks during TV shows a little more challenging.

    It just occurred to me that with the new garden window they put in last week, I can have an herb garden! Sure a small one, but still an herb garden. I guess I'd better look at them in the gardening stores while all the plants are in. I didn't think of this when I was in Home Depot last week, but I did find another kind of plant I'm going to buy a few of to accompany my African Violets in their new space - haworthias. I like cactus and succulents and haworthias are small plants that should fit in nicely.

    Without a kitchen, we've been eating out more. Last night we went to a barbecue place - Branded'72 (O'Brien's changed its name a few years ago) - and it was OK. I thought the ribs were on the salty side, but I may have been thinking about that report on the news about how salty the meals at chain restaurants are. It was OK, but we like Red, Hot, and Blue better. I'd like to try one more BBQ place I've heard about - Blue Ribbon BBQ on Muncaster Mill. Tonight it will be Italian at our favorite place - Il Porto. Tomorrow, contractors willing, we'll be at the Coal Council dinner. For some reason, the dinner is generally seafood. While I like seafood, I'm to sure why it's generally seafood. Friday I think we're use a coupon for a chain restaurant. Saturdays are difficult as Everybody eats out. We may just get sub sandwiches, again.

    If anyone local is interested in meeting up with us as we explore new places, let me know. We seem to be getting to restaurants about 7 PM these days.

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    Thursday, May 7th, 2009
    10:43 am
    And So it Begins
    Well, the contractor came yesterday and the kitchen is now...empty. Except for the dishwasher, stove and refrigerator, the room is empty.

    I'm waiting for the workers to get here. They stopped by Lowe's to pick up plastic and can't seem to find the zipper they need. When they get here, they will move the rest of the stuff out, put up the plastic, and rip out the rest of the kitchen. Tomorrow the electrician will be here.

    The hot water heater was re-located to the basement yesterday as well.

    Current Mood: calm
    Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
    1:38 pm
    I love the truck delivering things for the renovation arriving; I just wish it would arrive on time instead of early. We now have all the cabinets in the garage. The work begins next week. We have been shopping for a refrigerator and stove.

    I noticed in USA TODAY that Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry will be hosting a Harry Potter exhibition through September. If only Worldcon was being held in Chicago this year! We were fortunately enough to have the Lord of the Rings exhibit in Boston during Worldcon. 10,000 square feet of Harry Potter props and sets! Maybe Chicago isn't so far away.

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    Wednesday, April 15th, 2009
    11:20 am
    Bell or knocker?
    Now that we have a new door, the decision is: should we go back to a doorbell (the old one not surviving the change) or put a door knocker on the door?

    Both have merits. The door bell, which would have to be wireless, would be louder than someone knocking. It's usual. A door knocker might not be as loud or noticeable, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. A knocker is a bit unusual, but I kinda like them.

    So far, I've people actually knocking on the door, but we should have some actual way for people to announce themselves.

    Any thoughts or experiences?

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    Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
    5:28 pm
    Belated "Happy Birthday!" to smofbabe and eackerman.
    Wednesday, April 1st, 2009
    10:47 am
    It's been a while
    Yes, it has. We've been to NYC and Phoenix and started the kitchen renovation. Which will be discussed at other times. Right now - a local book sale.

    If you're not in the Washington area, sorry.

    The American Association of University Women is sponsoring a book sale in the Rosborough Center Community Rooms, Bidg 409 in Asbury Methodist Village, Gaithersburg, MD (it's next to Lakeforrest Mall).

    Thurs. April 2nd - 9 AM - 8 PM
    Fri. April 3rd - 9 AM - 8 PM
    Sat. April 4th (bag day) 9 AM - 2 PM.

    The flier states they have 20,000 books sorted into over 40 categories. I've been to one of their book sales and it's worth seeing Asbury Methodist Village as well as the sale.
    Friday, January 9th, 2009
    6:13 pm
    Quite Day So far
    It started like a normal Friday. We got up a little later than usual since we were having breakfast out at the Amish market. Since rwl was going on to work, we were taking separate cars. I decided to leave a little early and pick up a USA Today before going to the restaurant. I opened the garage door, backed the car out, and pressed the remote to close the door.

    The door didn't close. The day is beginning.Collapse )

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    Wednesday, December 31st, 2008
    1:56 pm
    Before I Forget
    Happy New Year to everyone!!
    12:43 pm
    I don't think I'll ever
    Get used to people who are talking seemingly to themselves when they are in fact talking to someone on one of those tiny earpieces. I was at the local Borders, which is closing, and a woman was discussing with someone the pros and cons of getting married. For a fleeting second, I thought she was actually talking to someone next to her, but nope. As far as I could tell, she was encouraging either a friend or her mother to just live with the guy rather than marry and go through the hassle of a divorce.

    The last time we were in Borders, several day ago, there was a woman muttering to herself in French as she looked through the audio books. Actually, she was talking to someone on her earpiece.

    Still, it's odd. I can never tell if someone is talking to me or not. Since, all my life, strangers have felt comfortable talking to me, this can be a problem. I don't want to be rude - to either not acknowledge someone talking to me or ignore what should be a private conversation. But back to why I was in Borders.

    It's sad to pick though the bones of a closing store. We did that at Tower Records, looking for bargains, when all that was left were rap and hip hop CDs. They couldn't GIVE those away. The local Borders is almost to that point. Have no fear - the chain is not going under, just the one store here. When that goes, the only book store in greater G'burg will be a tiny WaldenBooks in the shopping mall. Sure, we can drive up to a smallish Borders in G'town, or over to The Washingtonian at Rio to (ick) Barnes & Noble. (If they were all that noble, they wouldn't charge for the privilege of getting a pittance off best sellers. One can get a Borders card for free.) If one is really up for driving in major traffic, one can find a huge Borders at White Flint Mall.

    So far, it's 40% off on everything, with some items 50% and 75% off. They still have lots of copies of Bollywood Confidential; they will probably have to insist people take a copy to get rid of them. I'll be disappointed if it doesn't come down to that - "Here, you can have that for 10% of the price, but you must take a book from this box as well." The disappearance of book stores is a sad thing, especially in area with a large and diverse population.

    This will impact us in that we usually visited the store once a week after having lunch at Panera. Without Borders to browse in, going to Panera on a regular basis isn't as attractive. I can't imagine that this will help the shopping center, having such a large gap in the stores.

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    Thursday, December 25th, 2008
    4:44 pm
    Merry Christmas! I hope it's been a peaceful day for all.

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    Sunday, November 30th, 2008
    7:26 pm
    Mimosa 1/21/1988-11/22/2008
    It doesn't seem like a week ago, but it was.

    Our cat, Mimosa, had been going steadily downhill for about three weeks. At 20+ years old, she had been getting along OK. She slowly walked around the house, occasionally climbing the stairs. She had trouble with her hind feet and found non-carpeted surfaces very slippery. We had put down carpet squares next to her food dishes a while ago when she was having trouble eating due to her hind feet sliding forward. I puréed all her food, which she seemed to still enjoy and she still sat or laid in the sunshine, when there was some. And I got a talking to if there was a cloudy day. We put her food dishes on an overturned miter box so she didn't have to bend over to eat. She had been doing OK.

    Then, her kidneys started failing and she either had loose bowels or constipation. We took her to the vet, where she received treatment and an overnight stay, of which she Did Not Approve. We visited her and she turned her back on us. Despite that, she was eager to return home. Unfortunately, her loose bowels made her weaker and weaker, despite the various medicines that she took.

    Last Saturday, when we got up, she could barely raise her head. She had probably slept on the rug next to her food dish and only used the litter box when we carried her to it. She purred a little when rwl petted her, but she was too weak to eat without being hand feed. Even then, she ate very little. Usually I would come downstairs to a greeting of “So you're finally up to feed me!!” every morning, but she had not been eating at night for about two weeks.

    W felt it was time.

    So we called the vet and, tearfully, brought her there for the last time. She mostly slept through the ride and didn't seem to notice when Rich handed her to the vet tech.

    It's been a difficult week. The house seems very empty. We picked up all the cat stuff and put it away for any next cat that might come along. This is probably the first time in 30 years that we have been without a cat. This is the first time the downstairs bathroom has been without a litter box and the kitchen doesn't have a dish of cat food on the floor.

    Come spring, we will have some renovations done on the house. We will renovate the kitchen and replacement of much of the carpeting. Then we'll think about another cat.

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