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Please note the Date on the birthday is too young. I'm a Boomer.

I began reading SF and fantasy at an early age as well as sewing. I became a truefan when my husband and I attended our first SF con in Nashville many years ago.

We edited a Hugo award winning fanzine, which ended its run with 30 issues in 2003. It was great fun.

While my activity has waned over the past few years, I still read as much SF/F as I can along with mysteries.

I didn't take up quilting until about 15 years ago, although I have a degree in studio art and spent a few years as a weaver. When I look back at my pre-quilting work, it's obvious I was looking for quilting, even though I wasn't doing it.

Professionally, I was laid off in December 2002 and am still looking for a job in the IT industry - testing or system analyst. Tight market right now.

I also have one cat who is wonderful.